Thursday, 8 January 2009

Slow! Fire! SNP Catch Up In Glasgow East

A week may be a long time in politics to what about 6 months. Aye that is how long it has taken the SNP to wake up to the blight of Parkhead Fire Station.

Back then John Mason was merely a list MSP humble councillor for Glasgow Ballieston before he took the seat off Labour and a disgruntled Margaret Curran. However, when all the candidates back then where challenged by Lib Dem candidate Ian Robertson over the shutting down of the station serving the heavily tenemented area they remained silent. However, now Sandra White has spoken up against this closure saying:

"Parkhead fire station covers some of the poorest communities in the United
Kingdom and research shows the main causes of fires are related to social and
economic problems.

"Parts of this area are badly affected by drug and alcohol abuse problems,
as well as poverty and high unemployment. I believe management's proposals will
be detrimental to these communities."

Pity her colleague Mr Mason hadn't realised the same situation 6 months ago in July

Obviously Lib Dem MSP for Glasgow Robert Brown is delighted to have another voice joining him in urging Government to use its power to intervene to reconsider the issues involved in closing Parkhead and moving service two miles away from such vulnerable citizens.

The is even a link from the Glasgow News site to the long running Lib Dem online petition.

hat tip to Andrew Reeves


  1. John Mason was never a list MSP - he was councillor for Baillieston.

  2. D'oh. Thanks Caron.

    Note to self all very well blogging on the bus but editorial standards of proof reading and fact checking before sending must still be maintained. Even if it waits until in office.

  3. Aren't the provision of fire services a matter for Holyrood?

    (p.s you used the seat twice and mispelled Labour!)

  4. You guys won't believe I added 1,600 words to my novel last night (new years resolution going strong) with only one unknown word last night when running the spell check will you? And even that was spelt correctly just not in the dictionary.