Saturday, 10 January 2009

Gaza Demo: A Multi-Media Presentation

I'm still on the train but am asking you to come back here later. I'm be Tweeting, Tweetpicing and taking a few vids of proceedings at the Scotland Gaza Demo starting at 12:30 from East Market Street Edinburgh.

No doubt I'll be spending all afternoon up to my neck with technologies with YouTube, Flikr and whatnot getting you everything. In the meantime follow the tweets.

Ciao for now.

Update: I've reveiwing all the media I have taken through the day and really want to do it justice. However, I have plans for this evening In the meantime Caron has posted a very thorough story of the afternoon's events here. Some of my pictures are available though the Twitter updates on the right. More plus some video will be with you in the morning.


  1. You are such a geek, but love you for taking a photo of me that I actually like. They are few and far between:-)

  2. This geek has been reviewing the various media he has taken through the day. And then for the last half hour stared at a blank screen wondering how to begin.

    As I'm heading out I will be getting on to writing this all up tomorrow to do it justice.