Thursday, 15 January 2009

Probe into First Minister's Answers

There have been regular claims that Alex Salmond regularly misleads the Scottish Parliament with his answers. He seems to always have an answer while other leaders whether in Holyrood or in Westminster always have a little with at least the occasional answer.

However, at last weeks FMQs when asked by Tavish Scott about redundancy notices having been handed to staff of the Scottish Interfaith Council, Alex Salmond immediately without hesitation shot back ,as is his style and want, that the issue had been solved. This did take the wind out of Tavish's sails somewhat. Until during the week it became clear that this issue was not resolved last Thursday when the First Minister said it was but was still ongoing. The presiding officer yesterday said it wasn't an matter for him to be involved with.

However, at the end of today's FMQ's when the issue was again raised the PO Alex Fergusson said he would be investigating the accuracy of ministerial answers to questions.

Here is what Tavish Scott has got to say on the issue.

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