Tuesday, 18 November 2008

When you Wish Upon a Star

This West Lothian man went far.

The chairman of Disney Consumer Products Worldwide is Andrew Mooney originally from Whitburn, West Lothian and is today featured in the Edinburgh Evening News. The son of a late miner who then worked at the British Leyland plant at Bathgate.

Having left school at 16 to become a trainee accountant instead of going to college Mooney worked up his experience level while others were getting their qualifications. Via 20 years with Nike where he was worldwide head of marketing, Disney came headhunting for him in 2000.

After a recent trip to Scotland he reflects in relation to how we are placed to rise the economic downturn:

"Scotland is a hotbed of creative talent, for example in video

"I think there is a lot more opportunity than Scotland is taking advantage

"The good news is multi-national companies will see Scotland as a good
place to invest, but it is equally easy for them to take the money out of

While Andrew himself took life by the scruff of the neck, others can and probably will surely do the same in the current environment. We'll see who can ride the tide and come out strong at the other end.

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