Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Reviewing Malc's Challenge

WowI I've just had a look at how I predicted things in response to Malc's challenge regarding Obama's chances in the electoral college. Malc thought when I posted that I may regret painting "Colorado, Michigan, Ohio... maybe even Penn!" Blue so early in the prediction game. Boy! Back then were we both too conservative!

I didn't dream of Florida, Indiana or Nevada thinking they may just stay red. North Carolina and West Virginia would have been crazy talk, yet both went Blue.


  1. Yeah... if we'd have predicted the economic disaster we might have been closer to the final outcome eh?

    In fairness, it was 6 weeks out - and a lot happened in between!

    How about your prediction for Glenrothes Stephen?

  2. Yeah true.

    Glenrothes? I'd don't recall making one publically except mentioning who the best man for the job was. The prediction I made in the office though was about as correct and conservative as my Obama EC prediction though.

  3. Actually Malc I take it back I found one public pronouncement made before I headed to the polls.

    Clearly I was right about the Nats not taking it.