Friday, 21 November 2008

Jim Murphy Wants Sackings and to Decrease Unemployment

Scottish Secretary didn't have that good a night on question time last night. Whilst he attacked monetary stimuli as not saving people's jobs he failed to take any blame for the the banking sector failings despite Labour, and more crucially Gordon Brown being heavily involved in that line since 2007. Then to cap it all he want 4 more people to lose their jobs speaking on the John Sergeant scenario he said "I think we need to get rid of the judges rather than John". I mean there's off message then going off you own message.

But how long are Labour going to continue to blame the USA for everything regarding this latest situation. We had a chancellor, now Prime Minister, Telling us that the days of boom of bust were over. Fact is there was no buffer being built up in the good times in case any issue came up to alleviate the economy should bust be on the horizon.

Even Jim Murphy admitted last night that certain economies were in better shape that the UK is at present to face this crisis, but seemed adamant to not take any responsibility despite 11 years of Labour for this situation. However, his foreign policy experience may well rank with that of Sarah Palin as he also listed China, who currently are the world's lender of first resort, as being in financial crisis.

Maybe Labour, and indeed the whole banking sector, could learn a little from Sir Ian McKillop chairman of the Royal Bank of Scotland. At least he has put his hand up and made his apology for his share of the difficulties.

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