Monday, 24 November 2008

Nothing to Pay to 2010: Darling

Well it appears that Alistair Darling isn't going to start to attempt to pay off the latest borrowings on the country's credit card until 2010. It will also be the year after 13 years of Labour reducing the tax burden on the rich while increasing it on the poor that some sort of sorting out of the order of things and some fairness will be returned.

Yes once again after umming and ahing over what to do another plank of the Lib Dem proposals to make the rich take up their more than capable share on their highest level of earnings . Of course yet again Labour will be deferring this, rather that doing it to match the reductions it is proposing at the lower end and in VAT.

Whatever happened to dear Prudence? It appears that Darling has been given permission by Prudence's greatest suitor to leave her out in the cold, when the lack of her (from some quarters) helped to get us into this fine mess in the first place.

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