Monday, 17 November 2008

Strictly Ridiculous

So the march (as his Paso was described) of John Sergeant goes on. Yet again the political correspondent was the worst on show on Saturday night, but he was spared the dance off yet again. Instead that fate went to Cheri Lunghi and Lisa Snowdon with professional partners James Jordan and Brendan Cole.

The Saturday before this weekend when Caron was out enjoying a well earned weekend off after Glenrothes, I texted her how appalling John was and that now was the time for him to go. He survived and again this week when I finally caught up with Mr. Bond only to come back and watch my recording of the show.

We're getting to the crunch end of the show. Yes John has survived thus far on charm and personality but now he really is starting to knock out the real contenders and good dancers. I'm sure even John is starting to feel guilty every time he defends him still being in the show by saying that the public have voted to keep him in. He must see that far better dancers are now suffering due to his continued tenure on the show.


  1. There's a parallel here with parliamentary elections. Too often people simply don't vote for the most talented candidates.

    And I shall join them, even though I don't watch the show! I will vote for John Sergeant on Saturday, and call on others to do so, too.

    I am also considering voting for Robert Kilroy Silk for the gruesome challenges in "I'm in the jungle, get me out". I hope Brian Paddick and George Takei do well, though.

  2. Who cares, most of the people watching obviously don't. It's an entertainment show with a popularity contest thrown in, however people decide to vote.