Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Sergeant Quits: Children in Need May Lose Out


Political correspondent John Sergeant had put away his sequins, will click his dancing shoes for one last time on Satruday but will no longer be asking for the votes of the public. The reason is that the political correspondent has walked away from Strictly Come Dancing claiming winning would have been "a joke too far". Heaven forbid that he would ever have got that far, but there you go.

The man himself said he saw "no viable 'stop Sergeant' candidate". However, one possible downside of John walking away from the dance floor, may be that the BBC reimburse those who called to rang to keep Sergeant in the contest. A proportion of this money was to have gone to Children in Need so if as a result of him walking rather than being voted off the BBC are obliged to reimburse this money that will be a big hole in the money the show has garnered thus far.

His partner Kristina Rihanoff who has been hauled across the floor like a sack of potatoes or as the recycling being put out according to judges and celebrity fans will have one last excursion with him on Saturday but he will not be up for the vote.


  1. I thought the reimbursement was just for last Saturday's votes?

    I suppose you got your wish, I know it was just a talent show but I'm genuinely dissapointed!

  2. Actually Yousuf my wish was that the voters would wake up and leave him in his deserved place so he faced a dance off and then was ejected by the judges, not that he would walk. Of course I felt that should have happened two weekends ago when he was so much worse than all the remaining contestents.