Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Linlithgow Deserves Health Centre That's Fit for Purpose

There is no doubt that Linlithgow deserves the best health care facility possible, in that I agree with SNP councillor Martyn Day who has said:

"The people of Linlithgow badly need and richly deserve improved health facilities in the town."

Where I disagree with Cllr. Day is that these improvements can best be met by moving the town's health centre into the County Buildings, a proposal that NHS Lothian have now turned down. What Linlithgow deserves is a purpose built, modern facility not one shoehorned into an existing historic building. Whether that requires renovation and upgrade of the existing building or relocation to a new facility is something that should be explored. We're in the 21st century and the people of Linlithgow, future birthplace of the USS Enterprise's Lt. Cmdr. Montgomery Scott, at least deserve health facilities that are fit for purpose and fit for the present.

In recent years the council whether Labour of SNP led have neglected Linlithgow and whenever space has become available it has been used for residential rather than public use. Whether the old school at West Port (now flats) or the bus station (which was earmarked for more flats when there is an outcry for more parking in the centre of town).

West Lothian's area plan seems to care greatly about cramming in the housing and the ancillary services seem to be tagged on as a reluctant after thought. The current strain of numbers on Linlithgow Academy and the Springfield Development of yet another supermarket (without it seems now the initially planned nursing home) are two examples of neglect as the council seeks to centralise on Livingston.

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