Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Lib Dems Offer a Sustainable Fiscal Stimulus

Yesterday Yousuf criticised the Lib Dems based on how things have gone before. The fact is we all overstretched and overreached globally. Brown is determined to spend, spend, spend his way out of this without learning the lessons that brought us here in the first place.

Yesterday Nick Clegg outlined the details of a new way to provide fiscal stimulus when he addressed the Commonwealth Society. Calling for a multi-lateral global response to the current crisis he said:

"We need a cultural change. But I believe that change can be driven to a large extent by institutional and regulatory reform. Changes to the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank, and the World Trade Organisation could make an enormous difference…

"Enabling us to create a fairer, more sustainable economic model."

He critiqued both the Labour and conservative Tax proposals:

"We hear talk of tax cuts emerging from Downing Street, but they are likely to be small, and short term. Funded through borrowing, the money will have to be paid back later…

"So it’s meagre tax cuts today, giant tax rises tomorrow from Brown.

"Meanwhile the Conservatives want a piffling incentive for businesses to take on new workers that won’t put a penny in the pocket of a single family in Britain.

"Neither package comes close to what’s needed."

Before outlying the real alternative.

"Real tax cuts - big, permanent and fair - for the people who need them. Funded by making the wealthy pay their fair share, ending the special exemptions and loopholes they’ve profited from for so long."

Yousuf also said that the Lib Dems had no spending in their plan. Not so we're merely spending where it will boost the economy not on ego enhancing frivolities.

"We are identifying £20bn of government spending that can be redirected to our priorities.

"We need to redirect spending to the things that people really need in a recession: homes for hard-pressed families; good child care, so that people can go out to work; and training for people who have lost their jobs."


  1. are you saying that there will be no spending cuts in the Lib Dem plans, that's not what he has said before

    Today we see that the Governor of the B of E has endorsed a fiscal stimulus.

    It's true we'll pay for increased borrowing, but as Charles Kennedy said today "Desperate deseases require desperate measures"

  2. No neither Nick nor anything I've said has indicated there does not need to be spending cuts. He speech last night said again we will look at how to make the £20bn in savings. For example one Government department has spent over £19m on revamping a website.

    Judging by how your dear leader swept the issue aside at PMQs just now. He's not prepared to do anything to boost stimulus in the middle to lower paid workers. Seems not prepared to reign in the borrow or sensible, structured investment over any sensible level either by banks or the government.

    Maybe the wrong consultant is being employed seeking a cure for this desparate malady.