Monday, 10 November 2008

Is Labour to Follow Lib Dem Tax Policy?

Is Gordon finally going to listen to Vince Cable and the Lib Dem Treasury team? After months years of ignoring Vince Cable's warnings over the banking sector, and now for a couple of months rejecting Lib Dem pleas to cut income tax it appears he has not ruled it out and may be making an announcement soon.

With Dave and George planning to announce plans to call for a cut in Business rates to keep people in work, it may be that Gordon and his Darling are about to trump them. If they cut the basic rate of income tax allowing people to decide just where they need to spend money in these tight times.

Scarily it appears that the Liberal Democrats are leading the country and their economic thinking but the electorate are not realising it when they turn up to vote.


  1. I agree with your last sentence to some degree...the question is why...

  2. the difference being that the Liberals wanted to fund this by cutting spending by £20 Bn at a time when everyone else is talking about increasing spending and offering tax cuts by borrowing which is very different

  3. Well lets see we'll start wit £5.4bn for not setting up ID cards. And replacing Trident comes to £76 to 100bn. Whoops I appear to have oversaved.

  4. they're all future projected expenditure, what, out of what we are currently spending, do you want to cut back on to fund these cuts and od you accept that it will not boost demand?