Thursday, 10 October 2013

Two Fatal shootings in Northern Ireland

Yesterday after the body of a man was found in a lake in Alexandra Park in North Belfast. He was reported missing on Tuesday. But although he body was found in the lake it was not a drowning, the Police Service of Northern Ireland have reported that the victim was shot.

The group that calls itself 'the IRA' a new dissident group formed in 2012 have claimed responsibility for this murder.

This morning there was another fatal shooting this time in the heart of Northern Ireland's second city in the Shipquay Street area of Londonderry. Shipquay Street is one of the four streets that lead to the Diamond in the heart of the walled city centre. It was reported to police just before 11 o'clock and so parts of the centre of Derry have been cordoned off to deal with this incident.

The recent escalation of bomb threats causing disturbances and now these two fatal shootings, one if which has been claimed by a terrorist organisation is a step back into the past that the overwhelming majority of people in Northern Ireland do not want to take. Both these shootings appear to have taken place in shared spaces which the general public frequent and anyone could have be caught up in the incidents.

Times have changed and Northern Ireland is benefiting from the peace that it has experienced from sides working together over the last 15 years. Now is not the time to return to a violent, insecure and unpredictable past.

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