Monday, 5 December 2011

Five on the Fifth December 2011

Sadly Stephen Chapman announced early last month that this was going to be the last month of his 5 on the 5th series. Check on the link to find out what the others have contributed to this grand finale. As for the theme he appears to have been a good predictor of weather systems as early this week he said it would be Winter Weekend on the weekend that a lot of the UK saw its first snow of winter.

Here are my Five for the Fifth for December

Last night my mother shouted out that it was snowing.
It fitted the theme so it had to be captured.

But in the morning I couldn't get a good shot of the snow
it had all gone
but there was other wintery conditions on the car

It may have been cold in church on Sunday morning
but it was looking the part

We also popped into the Christmas shop

People think that Old Saint Nick has a one day a year job
but it appears he works weekends too
at least for part of the year

That's it for another month...indeed that's the last 5 on the 5th apparently. Do check by the rest and see what they have posted, if you haven't before also check through the links to previous months.


  1. Nicely done - I really like the shot of the frosted window!

  2. Ohhh... I do hate to see my car looking like that when I'm in a hurry! You need like an axe to chop the ice away. Well spotted!


  3. Great photos. Love the ice on the car. Burrrr!