Friday, 9 September 2011

Through high tech accreditation and then THIS!!! #ldconf

You'd have thought after all the high tech security checking of delegates getting to Lib Dem Conference that they would be a chip, or a bar code or something high tech and gizmo-ey with the passes to ensure that who we said we were could not have our passes taken over by someone else.


Don't be daft. Instead even of the credit card type plastic cards what we get is a bit of card that we have to self double laminate. Now suppose that before someone were to self double laminate they were to score out the picture and name and replace it with another image and name. Seeing as the ink on this card isn't that secure that is possible, this is highly achievable. Who of the security team is then going to double check someone's pass and take the lamination off to check? Surely the answer "I'm sorry I didn't square up my pass properly and tried to relaminate it" is going to be enough to get past without suspicion.

So therefore we have all this brouhaha about security check and then get issues with such a low tech and ridiculous easy to dupe sort of pass. WHY?

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