Saturday, 3 September 2011

Must win this afternoon

This is the final game of the outdoor season and it is a must win game for us. The team with the most shots across the green will get 3 points this afternoon and for each rink that is up there will be a point. In total there is a maximum of 7 points at stake.

Here is the bottom of NIBA division 3.

As you can see we at North Down are 5 points behind Markethill, so we have to win and they have to lose. Fortunately we'll be able to keep and eye on how they are doing as we are playing host to them this afternoon. This means that for the whole 21 ends it will be a battle for survival.

While my rink for the past few weeks is attending a family wedding, I'm playing behind another skip, my third of the season. Something that has rather annoyed me earlier in the week. The last time I played for North Down before I moved to Bangor I played behind 8 other skips on the B team. Now I've been given a place at the back end of the A team and 6 of the others have been allowed to skip a rink. It is rather frustration for the youngest and most sucessful back end player in the team to be downgraded behind so many others. Especially when in recent weeks I have been performing the shots that are needed under pressure situations. But that is the way bowls goes. Sadly in this club you often have to pay your dues rather than simply being good enough.

I'l let you know how we got on later.

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