Friday, 23 September 2011

It's's post conference time

Well the Lib Dem Party conference has been and gone. Sleep deprivation has been restored but the mood in this conference was so great that conference as a whole. Meeting many new friends as well as catching up on old ones, drafting speeches, one that was made and a couple that were not. But here are some of my highlights.

First up is my friend Greg Judge speaking on the Employment Support Allowance and Work Capability Assessments motion.

Now here is a message for Edwin Poots our Northern Irish health minister about blood and science from another friend Chris Ward. Watch out for the test for gayness of blood cells, and yup that is me in the background of the reaction shot.

Now there has been great rejoicing in the press about us attacking our coalition partners in song at Glee Club. But we also attack Labour and make fun of ourselves. Indeed Simon Hughes was on stage leading one of the songs that mocks him during the evening. However, this final clip is a piece of history. The evolution of a glee club song captured on 'smuggled in' hacks camera. The Twelve Days of Coalition has only been around for 2 Glee clubs (Liverpool last Autumn and Sheffield in March) but here you can see it being amended from the floor with amendment one. Amendment 2 adding the word badly came on a second rendition later in the night. And that is what Glee Club is all about, members writing and amending songs in satire. Not only about other parties but about ourselves. Live with it.

Note to Editors: Glee Club is a self deprecation and steam letting off aspect of Liberal and later Liberal Democrat conference

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