Thursday, 1 September 2011

Never Kiss a Gay Tory before the watershed

There is an article on Politics Home today about which of the following kisses are acceptable before the TV watershed.
  • Straight Kiss
  • Married Kiss
  • Gay Kiss
  • Lesbian Kiss
The following result by party supported (i.e. voting intention) shows no surprises.

So while LGBT Labour groups were going around giving out "Never kissed a Tory" badges at various Pride events up and down the country would appear justified, there are over 50% of their own party who don't want to see LGB kissing before 9pm, at least not on their TV. Heaven knows about on theri streets. Labour also seem to be less likely to want to see two girls kissing than two men*!

The Tories though are 25% more likely to want to see two women's lips collide than men. Yet at less that one in three to less than one in four neither of these statistics are good.

Now we're not talking full on sex here. Just a kiss, maybe not a full smacker too early. But a kiss is a normal sign of saying goodbye, see you later, or hello to a lover. If even these can not be shown as normal, but confined to a point where shameful things are locked away from children they will continue to bully those at school who are LGB, or whose parents are.

So my advise is never kiss a LBBTory member before 9pm, you never know who may be watching.

* The issue of Lesbephobia amongst Labour voters is something to be addressed separately.


  1. These are only voting intentions. Voting intentions do not allign with ideology: the professional politicians who make up the Tory party should not be taken to be represented by their voter base, as voters are, on the whole, under-informed, under-reflective creatures whose under-developed cognative abilities nessecitate their legal governance in the first place.

    Far more constructive to focus one's criticism on the dischord between professional politicians and the objective reality than to rally against the immobile opinions of voters and their "common sense".

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  3. I did mention it was only voting intentions. But the parties often pander to the people who will vote for them. Nadine Dorries with her abortion issue currently is an example of a Tory politician pandering to them.

    David Cameron offering a Civil Partnership in a religious building because he can't offer marriage to all because of his base. A CP separate from any religious content which has to be carried out when the registrar is not present in the room in the religious building the event is being carried out in.