Saturday, 24 September 2011

The press and me at Conference #LDConf

I may not have the youngster factor of Alex White, Matt Downey and Maelo Manning (pictured above)* so the chances of me being picked upon by Huw Edwards, or Matthew Paris for a press call or less at Lib Dem Conference. After all I'm another white man, or a certain age in a suit, even though I'm an openly out one (which again ain't that unique at Lib Dem Conf). However, that doesn't mean that I didn't get a few media hits over the week.

First there was my way into the ICC on Saturday I got grabbed by Winkball who were there all week.

Then on my birthday the BBC grabbed me for this piece on their website.

Finally in the queue for the leaders speech I was interviewed by the Time magazine reporter who happened to be in front of me in the queue. There are just a few short words from me in this but still I've gone international.

* Indeed scarily their combined age is less than mine, excluding Huw of course.

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