Friday, 16 September 2011

Humbled, yet thanks for reading and voting

I'm was very humbled this morning when I read the Total Politics Top 35 Lib Dem Blogs. Considering I parked my personal blogging (ok not very well but the output was down) from early November until May for the Yes! to Fairer Votes Campaign I didn't really blog hard hitting stuff the whole year. Therefore to find myself up two places on last year behind only Lib Dem Voice, Jonathan Calder (with Lord Bonkers) and Lindsay and Reevesey (deceased) is shocking and humbling all at the same time.

I may have been  reduced in output over the last year (423 Sept 2010 to Aug 2011 compared to 885 for the same period the year before) but I clearly have written enough of my usual hard punching stuff in that time to make you continue to appreciate it. So thank you one and all.

With our late colleague Andrew Reeves behind Caron in this list, yet he appeared at 7 in the Scottish list, it is clear that she is de facto a Top 10 Scottish Blogger and should display that badge on her blog as well. Sorry to Andrew Page for that dropping him down one spot but as he has taken over my number 7 spot in the Lib Dems I'm sure he'll not object with a top 10 finish. Indeed 5 of the top 10 lib Dems would have had the words Scottish Liberal Democrat on their membership cards, which is braw!

 The top five together one last  (and first) time
Realised that there was this picture
l-r: Andrew Reeves, Helen Duffett (Lib Dem Voice), me, Caron, 
Mark Pack (LDV), Jonathan Calder (Liberal England)

1 (1) Lib Dem Voice
2 (3) Caron’s Musings
3 (6) Liberal England
4 (10) Andrew Reeve’s Running Blog
5 (7) Stephen’s Liberal Journal
6 (5) Mark Pack
=7 (4) Liberal Vision
=7 (-) A Scottish Liberal
9 (18) Cllr Fraser Macpherson
10 (2) Mark Reckons
=11 (17) Peter Black AM
=11 (-) The Potter Blogger
13 (36) Spider Plant Land
14 (-) Jack of Kent
15 (23) Birkdale Focus
16 (8) Jennie Rigg
17 (-) Nick Thornsby’s Blog
18 (11) Cicero’s Songs
19 (-) Olly Grender
20 (-) A View From Ham Common
21 (15) Millennium Dome , Elephant
22 (-) View From The Hills
23 (-) A Brief History of Liberty
=24 (-) Eric Avebury
=24 (14) Lynne Featherstone
26 (-) Liberal Burblings
27 (16) A Lanson Boy
28 (73) Jonathan Fryer
29 (26) Lib Dem Child
=30 (71) David May
=30 (-) The Rambles of Neil Monnery
32 (-) Too Liberal
33 (-) Ginger Liberal of Medway
34 (-) Solution Focused Politics
=35 (33) Liberal Bureaucracy
=35 (46) Virtually Naked 

Update this page at Total Politics has since been taken down. Another anomoly spotted is the fact that Andrew Page is ahead of Fraser Macpherson's  blog on this list but behind him in the Scottish list. It may be that the lack of Scottish Labour and Scottish Unionist Conservative Alligned with David Cameron's Party Blogs in the Scottish list has not thrown up this issue, until the Lib Dems noticed an issue. Lib Dems making a change in Total Politics Government too.

Update 2 the Full top 100 has now been posted and I appear to also be at number 78 with Liberal Democrats of Northern Ireland.

Update 3 I've also noticed that I also blog on the 57th ranked Labour Blog as part of the Mars Hill Blog team.


  1. Braw indeed!

    What was the occasion for the photo?

  2. It was a bloggers unconference held at 4 Clifton Terrace. Suddenly remembered that all the top 5 were represnted in that photo.