Sunday, 11 September 2011

Blogged Elsewhere: 9/11 the Mars Hills Collective

Yesterday morning Paul Burgin who set up the Mars Hill Blog and earlier this year invited myself and others to transform it into a group blog, invited us all to share what our memories were of 9/11 ten years ago. Obviously with being on my way to a wedding and leaving my laptop behind I didn't get around to it today.

I wrote about mine from my point of view working away in an office Edinburgh.

Paul recalls his recollections after just coming off shift in a coffee shop and his boss telling him one plane had hit the World Trade Centre.

Tim Roll-Pickering recalls his isolation on the day and his disbelief at being told after the World Trade Centre had been destroyed what had gone on in his 'ordinary day'.

Raeven recounts the strangest student orientation period probably ever.

These are just four accounts of the many of us who knew exactly what we were doing and how we responded to hearing the news that day 10 years ago.

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