Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Is Rory Weal really just the son of Baron Hardup?

Featured on Liberal Democrat VoiceWas young Rory Weal's hard times a result of the welfare state. Actually his father Jonathan Weal ran an City-based employment agency so his hard times were as a direct result of the banking crisis. If his father had no savings from a quite well paid job that is his fault, many of the poorest on the minimum wage cannot afford to save at all.

He did say that "Two and half years ago the home I lived in since birth was repossessed." That would have been a £950,000 house in Chislehurst (pictured to the right) sold after repossession for only £500,000. Indeed his father apparently owned over £2.25m of property. It was only then then his mother separated from his father. So hardly the poor pressed upon single parent unit that so many who do rely on the Welfare State day in day out, tear in year out. Indeed his mother is now an administrator in a cleaning company in Maidstone. The family home now is described as a modest semi-detached*! Semi-detached many on Income Support cry out, "Luxury!"

He also asked:

"What does [Cameron] advise when I can't afford to go to school in the morning?"

Maybe that would have been the Colfe school in Lee South London where he was a £13,788 a year pupil until the 'upheaval' in his family circumstances. He's now at Oakwood Park Grammar, hardly one of the worse academic locations for the hard put upon Rory to land upon indeed in 2009 100% of its pupils acquired 5 A* GCSE poasses! Rory himself has six A* and four A results in his GSCEs. No doubt he can enjoy the school's rowing club on Monday and Thursdays. Indeed one of the 32 Grammar Schools in Kent which is one location that has maintained selective education.

So the darling bud of Labour conference may well have exaggerated the extend of his hardship and made it look like he was hard done by. However, he has fallen from a great height unlike many who have spent their lives struggling to get unto that first rung.

Maybe young Rory should take heed of some of the advise that Tam Dalyell received from his fellow Labour Etonian when he arrived in the House. "Never be afraid of who you are and don't try and hide it."

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* Value a mere £300,000.

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