Monday, 19 September 2011

L, the U and Everything: A-Z of the Music I have A is for Adams

Today I have my secondy twenty first birthday. Regular readers will know I'm a big Douglas Adams fan, therefore while many years end in ZERO only one is when you find true enlightenment about the ultimate answer in the life, you know the one. The one concerning Life, the Universe and Everything.

Now as this particular milestone falls on a Monday and I don't like Monday's any more than Bob Geldof I thought I'd try and find a way to lighten my and therefore your Monday. Inspired by oneexwidow and seeing as there are 26 letters in the Alphabet and  two lots of 26 in a year (see that A level in maths does come in handy) I shall do as he does one A-Z of records I physically own. On tape, vinyl or CD and one set of stuff I can find off YouTube or Spotify that I like.

So that leads us to A. There really can be only one song, if you ever get me in a Karaoke bar, or you ever heard my band play, you will know that this is my song. Take it away Brian Adams or I would do if every version by the man didn't have embedding disabled.

So instead here is Taylor Swift

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