Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Lib Dem Blogs (and bloggers) in the Total Politics Top 100

Today is the last day of Lib Dem Conference which also coincides with the announcement of the Total Politics Top 100 Blogs and Bloggers.

It is meant to have been a year that the Lib Dems were falling away, yet Lib Dem Voice is up from 27 to 12 the year AFTER Cleggmania. Caron is up at 25 from 44th last year, that spot being taken by the late Andrew Reeves who was only 106th last year. In between them is Liberal England at 38 also a riser from 62. Fraser Macpherson's blog Dundee Westend is another climber from 165 to 92.

This blog despite relocation is up slightly from 65 to 63, which considering I spent half the year working on the AV campaign is some going, though I am tipped for top Northern Irish blog by Slugger O’Toole rising to 49 after last year's fall to 100. 

Liberal Vision the Lib Dem blog most in bed with the Tories out of the ones in the top 100 has sunk from 55 to 72. 

New this year was the added category of blogger. Mark Pack and Stephen Tall at 20 and 79= represents Lib Dem Voice, Caron comes in at 29, Andrew at 43, Jonathan Calder of Liberal England at 49. I come in at 55 (just 4 behind Melanie Phillips and one ahead of Olly Grender so I'm awaiting by BBC Question Time invites). Mark Thomspon at 66, Andrew Page at 70, Peter Black another of those in 79th, Fraser Macpherson 94 and Martin Shapland at 98 round out the Lib Dem representation.

Mick Fealty of Slugger is at 62 so we have split the honours for who is top in the two categories. Also Jeff, James and Malc of Better Nation come in at 47, 67 and 76 resepectively, the blog being 21.

So well done to all. That is quite a lot of good Lib Dems blogging and being read and appreciated by a wide audience.

Thank you one again for your readership and your votes.

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