Friday, 14 August 2009

Well Tory Bear Some Reasons Why #WelovetheNHS

Last night Tory Bear posted two tweets the first:

The NHS is not free. You end up paying far more than you ever take out. Free
healthcare can be achieved without 500,000 bureaucrats. ARGH

Followed by this:

In America you get far more than you ever pay for. Here you get taxed to shit
and then die on a trolly.

Now there is some truth in the first point are 500,000 bureaucrats really needed in the NHS, but he ignores that tdue to the legal mitication nature of America that there Health Care Provision employs a larger army of lawyers to protect their practitioners than we do here.

The thing is that in the US as he points out you do have to pay for it. As at the moment under a recession where you health insurance contributions may have been paid for by an employer finding yourself out of work can lead to a sudden reduction or end in that provision. The tax we pay in the UK goes towards an all incompassioning welfare system, which Mr Cole after just qualifying from University has yet to actually need to experience the full benefit off.

I'd hate for him should he ever live in an American style system of healthcare to be out of work or even between jobs when he needs emergency life saving surgery. While he is lying on the gourney they check his insurance cover and then debate what provision they can make for him when they find out he has none.

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