Thursday, 27 August 2009

The Bloggers Have Their Picnic

If you go down to the Pleasance tonight, you better go in disguise.

If you do down to the Pleasance tonight, you're in for a big surprise.

For every blogger that ever there was*

Is gathered there this evening because

Today's the day the MacBlogosphere has its fringe meet up.

Yeah, rumours that I will once again be propping up the bar at the Pleasance Courtyard may well be true. I've only talked to a few famous people there over the weeks Marcus Brigstocke, Lionel Blair, Paul Merton, Mike McShane, Stephen K Amos, Peter Duncan, Jon Richardson.

But tonight I add some other famous names from 6pm. Jeff, DoctorVee, Malc, Holyrood Patter, Wendy, to name but a handful. There will also be Lionel there (see pic) to help anybody who doesn't know us recognise us.

Was it really only last year that we had the first of our meetups and managed to collectively fail to leave the bar to get to a show. This year the vote went against a show but the banter will be up there with last year I am sure.

*Ok Not every blogger but not a bad selection of the best of the Scots.


  1. Is a group photo in the offing.....?

  2. Oh, I'm the black and white hairy one by the way.

  3. See you there (my birthday, I've got a pass out tonight!)

  4. I'm sure a photo of all willing participants can be Twitpiced at some point.

    Jess, no chasing Lionel you hear. He is a cat, but with a mighty roar. And Happy Birthday.

  5. Where are you all? here now. Git with laptop, that's me!