Thursday, 20 August 2009

I Relinguish my Crown......For Now

The Total Politics Top 50 Scottish Blogs have just been released on the Web. Tom Harris MP retains his top spot over the strong challenge of SNP Tactical Voting* who supersedes the falling Greek Baby down to 4th as Underdog Bites Upwards takes the final podium spot.

On the Lib Dem front we have a new top blogger in my good friend Caron climbing 23 to 7th heaven. I am a non-mover at eleven again this year. Just can't break into that top 10, although I was getting worried after I failed to appear on a number of the published Scottish bloggers top ten votes that I'd been on last year. So I probably have to thank more of my non-Scottish readers this year (of course the votes that did come from Soctland are also appreciated). I also know I shan't be top Lib Dem blogger in the UK this year.

The rest of the Top 10 (ie the blogs that voters think is better than this):

5 (8) Two Doctors GP
6 (28) Malc in the Burgh
8 (NE) Yappinng Yousuf LA
9 (NE) Scottish Unionist NA
10 (4) J Arthur MacNumpty NA

Also flying the Lib Dem bird are Andrew Reeves up 18 19 to 18 17, Bernard Salmon up 4 5 to 25 24, new entry Willie Rennie MP at 26 25, Fraser MacPherson the top Scottish Councillor is at 29 28 a drop of 7 6. Iain Dale (ours) is at a respectable 39 38 seeing he hasn't blogged a lot recently and Katy Gordon is at 46 45. The Young Uns probably need a little more frequency in their infrequent blogging, although they have had some cracking posts this year. All in all not a bad Lib Dem showing, apart from Ruaraidh, Callum and Kieran.

Although Iain Dale is at it again this year making Freedom and Whisky a Lib Dem when he's an SNP voting Libertarian and Peter Cranie Green MEP for the North West is in the Scottish list at 12. So everyone behind me move up one spot (unless someone like Greener Leith maybe should be there).

I've also now wound up Jeff by linking through to all the Lib Dems in Scotland with correct spellings to aid their Wikio rankings.

I'm off to console myself by looking at how stupid my blind write up of the MacBlogopshere for the book looks in comparison to how the list turned out.

UPDATE: Andrew Reeves seems to be in more shock than me with the outcome, so much so he neglects to congratulate Caron in this blog post: surely an oversight. Though he does have kind words about me. I'd just like to assure our Director of Campaigns that I am capable of 'touting for votes' where it really matters in this election year.

UPDATE 2: I see after causing a 4 letter DM via Twitter from Dale Towers that Peter Cranie has been removed from the Scottish list. I've put a not on my google calendar to remind him not to copy and paste the same designation for the Green MEP again next July.

*He deserves all the links he gets after this.


  1. Hi Stephen.

    Some of my best friends are LibDems. Honest!

    But I e-mailed Total Politics and it's now been fixed.

  2. "Scottish Unionist NA"

    Which party is he linking himself now.

    NA sounds like a loyalist paramilitary sect.

    Maybe the 'NO to Alec' Party?

  3. David I don't doubt it just you aren't actually one of us. That was one of the reasons I had Mr Dale swearing over the interweb at me last night.

    LOL Wardog as Unionist has never given away which party he follows he is non-alligned.

    However Nah, may very well sum him up.