Saturday, 8 August 2009

My Best Blog Posts - Fit the First: According to the Golden Dozen

Since 1 September last year there have been 692 posts on this blog, this will make it 693, all are therefore eligible for the Lib Dem blog of the Year Blog Post of the Year. Not all of them are worthy for consideration I will humbly hasten to add, but as Charlotte has tagged the lot of us* to pick out our own gems for consideration I'm going to present the following selection box.

First of all there are the ones that actually made the Golden Dozen, which means you've liked them once before, in the last 11 months.

Why I Still Need to Go to Church GD #116 - A very personal look at the whole Christian and sexuality question in light of the opposition from some quarters to the ordination of Scott Rennie as the Minister of Queen's Cross Church in Aberdeen. Personally I think is my best post of the year, at least on first thoughts.

SNP 'A Bit Naughty' in 2007 Election - Mason GD #126 - Following a comment from the Glasgow East by election winner John Mason a look at just how naughty the SNP tacticians were in the 2007 Holyrood elections.

Sorry Irfan You've Lost All Respect GD #122 - Proof that I can make the Golden Dozen on hits and at Number 2. When Irfan sort of came out for a female candidate based soley on her religion and not looking at the policies for which she stood.

Impartiality or BBC Ineptitude GD #101 - A look at the BCC's mistaken prioroites over the Isreali attacks on Gaza earlier this year.

Has 42 Days Extended 40 Years Without Abortion? GD #88 - When the DUP voted with the Government over 42 day detention without trial, just what was on the table?

Now I'm going to have to shift through the ones that didn't make the Golden Dozen either because it was an exceptionally fine week, or there was some news event dominating all your attention. But for a little teaser I'll leave you with one that one Nat blogger thought was acerbic and witty all at once and although it was heavily anti-SNP she linked to it anyway.

Abusive Converation with apologies to the Bard, the one from Stratford not Ayrshire.

*Stephen Tall has since also made this the LDV Weekend Meme.


  1. Stephen I always try to give credit where credit's due. Your post was good and worth a mention. To me it was both acerbic and witty or maybe I was just too kind. :)

  2. Subrosa, it was my usual dry wit and your description summed it up perfectly. The fact that I lost signal at the end of the bus run in and I had walking/thinking time added to the wit on that particular entry. The bookends were the inspiration of that walk. ;)