Friday, 14 August 2009

My Garden Shed Another Footballing Day

Callum Leslie did warn the LYS readers that visiting my blog they would have to endure Livingston news well the news from my club recently it's been busy, its whinger gone and phenominal.

Yesterday there were three pieces of news in order:

  • Almondvale was granted its Safety Certificate to host matches.
  • The Livingston 5 consortium took control of the club from the Administrator (before the last piece of news was finalised.
  • The SFL voted 16-10 in favour of upholding their earlier decision to relgate Livingston to Division 3 in Scottish Football.

Basically although the club did appeal immediately the SFL decision to the SFA to avoid too much more fixture confusion it look likes the club has been saved no matter what by the investors even if the fans will be singing a lot about the size of garden sheds*.

On a lighter note one of my fellow fans favourited this on You Tube and it is hilarious. See we are starting to laugh about it now, good sign.

*As in the chant:

My Garden shed, is bigger than this,

My Garden hed is bigger that this

It's got a door and a window

My Garden shed is bigger than this.

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