Friday, 7 August 2009

Lib Dem Blog of the Year Awards

Yeah it's that other time of year. No sooner have some of us stopped hawking for votes for the Total Politics, and some of us (well me and Stephen Tall) have sent our copy off to Iain Dale for our respective chapters than Lib Dems indulge in some further navel gazing.

Yeah it is time for the Lib Dem Blog of the year awards.

The full details are on Liberal Democrat Voice, but this year there are six awards:
  • Best new Liberal Democrat blog (started since 1 September 2008)
  • Best blog from a Liberal Democrat holding public office (The Tim Garden Award)
  • Best use of blogging / social networking / e-campaigning by a Liberal Democrat
  • Best posting on a Liberal Democrat blog (since 1st September 2008)
  • Best non-Liberal Democrat politics blog
  • Liberal Democrat Blog of the Year

We have until the 4th September to get our nominations in. None of the previous winners is eligible for Lib Dem Blog of the year. As Jonathan Calder says he has been shortlisted every year and never won, maybe you think that is bonkers. Charlotte Gore writes about the long time overlooked bloggers, the new starts, and the funny. Flitting around most of the top 10 eligible Lib Dem blogs on Wikio rankings and somehow manages to not mention this blog (so I let her off as she has the apostrophe in the right place on my blog this month?). Irfan Ahmed after doing everything including doorstepping other blogger's comments sections for the annual Total Politics Top Blogs Awards has now hypocritically in my opinion* ruled himself out of the running for the party run awards.

Charlotte has also tagged the whole Lib Dem Blogosphere to list their best of for the year so you dear readers can consider who to place your nominations for Best posting of the year. I was already considering doing that before being tagged and will be making a selection of my best ones over the weekend.

*In the sense that is it ok to be seen as a top Lib Dem Blogger by Iain Dale in July but not by Lib Dem Voice in August.


  1. Yes, I did get this blog's name right this time, I remembered as I was doing the table :)

    Sorry I didn't include you in my literal 'top of my head' list. I was looking at blogs in my blogroll. The spirit of the post was for people to nominate blogs I'd forgotten about/don't know about though :)

    Irfan does actually have a point in that if you're the Party's official blog of the year then suddenly you could, theoretically, find yourself in a situation where you make news by slagging off the party - although I think the real life experience is that this isn't the case - I don't think James, Stephen or Alix have had any such problems!

  2. Oh I agree, but I would see his point more if he didn't whore himself around for the Iain Dale beauty contest (I say that as a contributer to the book) only last month. Being say a top ten, or in my case the top Scottish Lib Dem blogger on that list last year has the same essence to it. I too have not had nay issue dispite on occasion disagreeing with the leadership. Indeed I was still on speaking terms with them all within weeks of a rather major falling out with them on one issue.