Thursday, 13 August 2009

Tory Clean Fight Deja Vu

I see that the Conservatives like the SNP have selected a former BBC journalist as their PPC for Glasgow North East, in Ruth Davidson. However, with echoes of Chloe Smith in Norwich North she went straight for the "fight a clean and honest campaign" sound bite. As Norfolk Blogger, Nich Starling, points out the Green who insitigated that pledge and the Tory who signed it have both proven to be less honest, clean and open than they pledged to be.

So is it just me or does having to say I'm looking for a clean and honest campaign out in the public domain, rather that doing what she also said she woud do and focus on the issues. The fact that the Tory leaders David Cameron and Annabel Goldie both feel the need to emphasis the point I think says more about Tory Parliamentarians than anything about that campaign. I have so far heard all three candidates and leaders over the word honest. It's a little like the cockney spiv saying 'onest Gov, innit?

I hope that my initial reaction is proven to me wrong, but for this to be the first step and so overly played at that, it does make one wonder, sadly.

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  1. "It's a little like the cockney spiv saying 'onest Gov, innit?"

    I thought you'd misspelt 'Guv', but then realised it was a pun on 'honest Government'.

    Nice one!