Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Time to Rethink a Rivalry Chant?

I feel we may need to change a terrace chant:

We are the Livingston FC,

We hate the Pars and we hate ******

The last word used to refer to the team at the west end of Tannadice Street who play in blue. Ever since Kachloulgate there has been a bitterness to the rivalry. However, while John Yorkson the Dunfermline Chairman may well indeed still be a bawbag* the same cannot be said of Dundee Chairman Bob Brannan.

He is prepared to look beyond the past like so many other SFL Chairman have, look to the future and realises:

"It's been suggested that Livingston could go out of business if they are relegated to Division Three, but that would be true for a good number of clubs."

"We have to try to help people who are trying to save football clubs, not obstruct them.

"Many Scottish clubs are technically insolvent. Lots of us - and I include Dundee - run at a loss and are only kept going by directors' donations and help from other benefactors.

"In the current economic situation, a lot of clubs are balancing on a financial tightrope."

He has also said regarding Livingston, their relegation to Division 3, the possible impending death of the club and their refusal to play until their appeal is heard:

"The people who are being punished here are Livingston's genuine fans.

"Not the people who got the club into his mess and are now away from there."

He also goes further to the issue of the £720,000 bond that Livingston had been asked to come up with initially to ensure that even if they failed to fulfil their Division 1 fixtures no club would be out of pocket.

"I can't think of too many SPL clubs who could come up with £720,000 at short notice."

"Celtic, St Johnstone and ourselves are the only clubs in the Scottish game that have paid a transfer fee this close season.

"Clubs just don't have cash and asking Livingston for a huge amount of money like that is just astounding."

It is refreshing to here the opinion of someone whose club have been a close rival on a number of occasions (including an cup tie that went to penalties at Dens Park) speak not acerbically with self interest like Jim Bannatyne of Airdrie.But Banner is looking out for the best interests of football and all Scottish clubs’ fans. Just like Spencer Fearn the Chairman of East Stirling who were also set to benefit from the relegation but who had said while supporting point deduction over relegation for Livingston:

"It's a complete farce and a resignation issue for every single person who made the decision to turn Scottish football into an embarrassment just three days before the start of the season."

Tomorrow is the day when the SFL yet again setting about are breaking their own rules by calling a meeting without 21 days notice to hear Livingston’s appeal that was only lodged on Friday of last week.

*Translation from the Scots for other readers: A scrotum.

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  1. Sad to hear about Livingston's problems. I wonder (in general) whether Scotland is big enough to sustain such a large league.