Friday, 5 December 2008

What's Behindthebeardbook?

Up-Helly-Aa as they say in northern parts. The Scottish Lib Dem leader Tavish Scott, or as Lionel would say, Mister Viking Leader, has gone and got himself a page on Facebook, probably a good job he isn't guizing on his new Facebook page then. So far lots of lovely, lovely lib demmy people have already scurried over to be his supporter, and more are on their way I'm sure, they need a pointer in the right direction that's all.

Now admittedly it may not be a lot to get oneself a page on Facebook but neither Iain Gray or Annabel Goldie have one, so Tavish is the only opposition party leader in Holyrood to have one.
Hoozah! All of this in plenty of time for next year's burning of a Viking longboats by men of the Isles with Facebehindthebeardbook profiles.
So if you are, or nor any lib demmy sort who would want to support Tavish on his new page just point them here.


  1. Wrong! Patrick Harvie is my friend both in real life and on Facebook..

  2. James I did check for Partick to see if he had a page as well as just his profile before I posted this. He does not appear to have a page as such, profile yes.

    If I am wrong and he does have a supporters page I couldn't find it. And I can spell my own middle name and step-great aunts and uncles surname correctly. :)