Monday, 8 December 2008

Now Tweeting

As some of you have already noticed I've finally got around to using Twitter. I think on some days, like today, when I don't have time to blog as normal I will be able to microblog and at least let you know what is going on in the side bar here and on Twitter.

You can follow my Tweets through my user name stephenpglenn.


  1. Is there any significance in your use of the words twitter and tweet, or is this only of ornithological significance.

    Err, don't bother answering that - I just posted to draw your attention to this article (and leader), just in case you hadn't seen it and you don't check your old posts.

  2. The language of Web 2.0 standardises the name for an individual entry on Twitter to be known as a Tweet, in answer to your first question.

    As for the Times yes I have read about their editorial shift. Indeed I felt the line "Until this week we preferred Bombay not, as some readers have accused us, out of diehard nostalgia for the Raj and Empire" did relate to me and it appears others when I read it.

  3. Thanks - looks like I'll have to update my Twitterology, if that's the correct word :0)

  4. Welcome to the world of Twitter, woof woof.

    Don't forget to let Ryan know so he can add you to