Friday, 5 December 2008

Price Of Christmas is Up

Following on from my post on how the credit crunch is affecting the Twelve Days of Christmas it would appear courtesy of the guys at Christmas Price Index that the price of the traditional song is up 10.9% by traditional shopping or 1.8% on the interweb on 2007.

The total song for the Twelve days would cost $86,608.51 by traditional shopping, but $131,150.76 online. While most shopping online will bring benefits in saving it is the Lord's once again who don't like having their leaping antics sold in such a modern way (at least not the cheaper Lords).

By traditional reckoning the major price increases are in the various birds (with the exception of the french hens and geese) which all have increased by 33.3%, the more traditional egg layers have decreased by this amount.

The gold rings have surprising dropped in value over last year, whatever happened to the price of gold going up in a financial crisis, but the milking maids appear to have earned a inflation busting 12% pay increase in the last 12 months.

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  1. LOL This is great! Thanks for posting it. It's funny to see the price difference between online shopping and physical shopping. That's quite the extra bit of cash.