Wednesday, 31 December 2008

They'll be Dancing in the Streets of Anhk Morpork

It may be Hogmanay but that means the announcement of Queen Liz's New Year's honours.

Those plucky British Olympians are adding to their Beijing honours with one knighthood, six CBEs, 13 OBEs and 35 MBEs in Queenies New Years Honour lists.

No prizes for guess who will be having the royal sword dubbed on his proud shoulders, it's Mister Chris for his three cycling golds. But Liz didn't take poolside advice from the Water Cube proffered by Miss Cassie by only making 'Dame' Rebecca Adlington only an OBE. Paralympian Miss Ellie Saunders becomes the youngest ever recipient of the MBE at just 14. F1 World Champion Mister Lewis picked up an MBE. Many of the tops coaches were also honoured as was Chris's mother Carol for their services to sport.

As the sunlight slowly moves across the Discworld to herald another dawn, the creator, known on our world as Mister Terry has been awarded a Knighthood.

Sara Payne who has battled for better safeguards against sex offenders following the kidnap and murder of her daughter Sarah was also awarded an MBE.

However, in the year that the economy took one hell of a pasting there is anger that the Permanent Secretary to the Treasury picked up his knighthood as part of the automatic promotion through the merit system that comes with rank not performance.

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