Wednesday, 17 December 2008

The Steamie

There is a new MSM Blog up here in Scotland. The Steamie is part of the Scotsman's production and it has a blogroll.

However, despite notifying them of my existance on the 3rd of December they have yet to add me to their blogroll. Other blogs have been added in the meantime so I'm musing why the ommission. It is not because I'm a Lib Dem they have one of those already nor is it because I may be a future parliamentary candidate they also have links to a number of those.

So I'm at a lose and won't pursue it any further. They have been told and it is at thier discretion who they add to their blog roll. But as I do seem to be the highest ranked (according to Total Politics) of the currently active Scottish Political Bloggers not to warrant a link I could fume a little if I wanted. Consider the fuming over though.


  1. I think you are right Stephen... must be some sort of Scotsman conspiracy to keep the voice of liberal Linlithgow out of the public domain! Damn those Scotsman editors - they'll be on Santa's naughty list!

    Second thoughts... maybe they just missed your email? Or you maybe didn't put the email address on it right...?

  2. I clicked straight through on the link to the addy is correct.

    They haven't printed my last three letters to them either which is affecting my hit rate of sent versus published adversely. ;)

    I don't care yahoo news seem to like me a lot so I'll probably start gearing my stuff to a more American based audience shall I?