Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Vatican Backs Death to Homosexuals

I've altered the title slightly from Malc to whom a hat tip is due. But the impact is the essence of the story.

The Vatican are mixing up a decriminalisation of homosexuality with a move to civil partnerships or even same sex marriage it would seem. They are opposing a UN resolution calling on all Governments worldwide to "decriminalise" homosexuality.

The resolution is merely aimed at the 80 countries who outlaw same sex-relations in all circumstances, and the 9 states or regions within a state where the mandatory sentence for being homosexual is the death penalty. Indeed the draft resolution makes no mention of the Churches main concern, as cited my Archbishop Celestino Migliore, same-sex marriage that is not on the agenda merely the upholding of human rights for all. Rama Yade the French Minister of Human Rights and Foreign Affairs is raising this draft resolution on behalf of the EU, of whom the French currently hold the rotating Presidency, along with violence against women before the General Assembly of the UN when they meet between December 15th and 20th.

Sadly the church of Rome cannot discern what is an act of basic human rights, that to live or be free, from its own prejudices.

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