Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Vicki Harris Tragic Loss

Vicki Harris who had been, before illness forced her to step aside, reselected to challenge for the Lib Dems for the key marginal of Aberdeen South has died as a result of skin cancer at the age of 41.

Days earlier she by her bedside she had married long term partner Mark Law. It was the second time she had faced this condition the first time two years ago she hadn't told her colleagues about, but on its return the cancer had spread to other parts of the body within a matter of weeks.

Originally from London she had worked for International Development charities before she had run Nicol Stephen's constituency office. In the last West Minister general election had cut the Labour majority to 1,348. The former party leader said:

"Vicki's death came as a big shock to everyone.

"It is devastating to lose someone who has been such a close friend and
colleague at such a young age. "

She had been a tireless campaigner at it was only when she was recently admitted to hospital that any of us really knew how serious her condition was. Her widower Mark Law sums her up in his statement:

"Vicki was committed to ensuring local people had their voices heard on the
issues they care about.

"This passion shone through her professional life, from a visit to South
Africa during the historic elections of 1994 to her most recent campaigns in

Like Kerryn McCann earlier this month it is once again sobering when someone from my sphere of experiences and of roughly the same age as succumbs to cancer in this way.

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