Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Brown "Entirely Hold High Office": Smith

by Martin Rowson in the Grauniad
One of the problems with Jacqui Smith protesting innocence and the high ground quite so much about the whole Damian Green scenario is her choice of words. Take this example:

'Ms Smith added that for Mr Grieve and Mr Cameron to assert that the systematic leaking of government material was not serious as it did not relate to national security was "wholly irresponsible and entirely unfit for those who seek to hold high office". '

Where does one start? Systematic leaking of government material by an opposition MP, not taken as serious as it did not "always" relate to matters of national security but as part of their duties. Perhaps as Jacqui Smith points out these matters should be taken seriously and the Met should be checking into these leaks listed by Daniel Finklestein, especially as the one in July 1991 from the Defence Department. As this individual not only sought high office but has actually attained the highest one. As the last of Finklestein's quotes from the start of the current Labour regime puts it:

"None of us has the first sodding idea about what government means, whether any of us will be any good at it, or even what being good at it means....... Some of my colleagues have made a career out of being a conduit for leaks from the Civil Service to the press. That's hardly going to be much good in government."

So Jacqui, it seems actually to have been highly appropriate practice for those seeking to hold high office just over 11 years ago. Indeed more or less a career step for some to reach the highest office in the land or ennoblement via the European Commission.

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  1. But nothing to suggest anything other than the passive receipt of leaked info in Danny Finklestein's list - certainly no evidence of GB 'grooming' his moles ;0)