Wednesday, 22 October 2008

US Presidential Candidate Earns Endorsement of Al-Queda Supporter

On the al-Hesbah website Muhammad Haafid, an al-Queda supporter, has stated his preference for the election in 2 weeks time.

He says one candidate, is the better choice is al-Queda want to exhaust the US militarily and economically. He even says that a terro strike on mainland USA before the election on November 4 could well ensure that his preferred choice wins.

So just who is that friend of terrorists?

Step forward John Sidney McCain.


  1. Do you know this because you follow the al-Hesbah website or are you voicing someone ele's observations??

    What are your motivations in promulgating this type of information? It is surely detrimental to the McCain campagn and totally unsolicited by them.

    If it is your intention to balance the accusations made against Obama by Palin then I understand (I think), if not then I don't.

    Regardless, it smells fishy to me.

  2. The story appeared in a "right-wing", conservative leaning UK broadsheet yesterday. Yes it is to balance the false accusations made by team McCain-Palin and their supporters about the faith, associations etc of the Democratic nominee.