Monday, 27 October 2008

I'm Back in the Golden Dozen

I don't often make Lib Dem Voice's Weekly Golden Dozen, probably because most of my readership aren't Lib Dems and rarely click through from the Lib Dem blogs aggregator. so therefore I have to rely on well written pieces that get picked up for the 5 positions not gained through through traffic.

Well my little piece on the DUP, 42 days detention without trail and the abortion amendments for Northern Ireland being pole axed last week makes the cut this week. Makes this Northern Irish born liberal proud.


  1. Lucky you. I have no chance, I am still blocked out by Lib Dem blogs aggregator not recognising my RSS feed.

    Its a bit odd because for most of the month I have not had any post on Lib Dem blogs aggregated but I have had my best ever month for "hits" to my site.

  2. And bizarrely, as soon as I posted this comment I am back on Lib Dem Blogs ! Very odd. If nothing else it shows the power of your blog !

  3. Eeek I must be more establishment that either of us thought then.

    Must have all kicked off when I confirmed something to the chair of Candidates and Campaigns Committee at conference.

  4. Even getting a hat tip on Lib Dem voice. Oh dear where have I gone wrong. ;)