Wednesday, 15 October 2008

If You Do Gordon You Owe Me a Pair of Shoes...

...and a few matches from my season (that's just for starters).

It has come to the attention of several Lib Dem Bloggers that there is speculation in the Evening Standard that Gordon Brown may be going to use his boost from Economic crisis to go again with the snap general election. This could turn the Glenrothes date from a by election into a General Election and send us all scurrying back to our own seats.

"Feverish speculation is sweeping Westminster that the PM could well go to the country to seek a mandate in the midst of the current financial turmoil. This could be an option if the PM is worried that we won't have recovered from the impending recession by 2010, the latest date on which he can go to the country.

"Some say the PM is being urged to call an election now by none other than his new comrade-in-arms Peter Mandelson. A general election traditionally takes place 17 days after it is formally announced so if the PM wanted it to coincide with the Glenrothes by-election on 6 November, then next Tuesday would be the moment."

Oh dear it would be the hand of Lord Voldemort of Foy and Hartlepool behind this. However, how does this tie up with Brown's own statement yesterday that he will join the by election fight in Glenrothes and encouraging his MPs and Peers to do likewise.

Surely using this crisis to call an immediate general election will reek of opportunism and the country may well see through it. Plus the markets will be looking for stability at this time as a sudden change could cause another sort of catastrophe. If he does decide to go to the country it would more likely be in the spring after a little stability may have been witnessed and he hopes people will see if he can handle things.

BTW the shoes are the pair that lost their tongue on me on Sunday and the football matches I'll take hopefully as SPL replacements for the same time next season when I was expecting to not be getting to every game in the lead up to a General Election.

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