Thursday, 2 October 2008

Margot James Pride Comes But Not in All

So Conservative candidate Margot James is proud of the number of marvelous number of gay men in the modern Tory party. She even goes on to say:

"There is so much wrong with this government's policy, gay people should not
just vote Conservative, they have a duty to vote Conservative."

Well many of that part of the electorate have applauded the policy of civil partnerships given them rights denied them by previous administrations. As for any group having a duty to vote for any political party where are we the UK, Zimbabwe, Cuba?

However, if Ms James is advocating that her party has changed why did she initially hope that her partners name Jay would be mistaken as a mans? Why has she given up on MSM interviews? Yes part of the media may for a time start to be fascinated with her personal life but by avoiding the issues and not appearing to be about more than that what else would they have to write. If she looks at Alan Duncan or Nick Herbert from her own party as an example they can and do still get their message across on a whole range of issues, yet she appears hesitant and hamstrung to make a point to the press because of how they may reflect on her personal life.

It appears that the Conservative Party attitudes may not have changed quite as much as she makes out if she is still somewhat reluctant, before hitting the media headlines this week at any rate.


  1. In this context the default meaning of the acronym MSM is "men who have sex with men".

    That's "gay" for health charities that can't afford to put off closet cases.

    *le sigh*

  2. Yeah OK ASwaS I suppose I should have thought about using the Main Stream Media acronym more before using it in that case.