Thursday, 16 October 2008

Another First Preference Posted Off for Ros

At about 5:50 this Thursday morning (yes some of us are up early) I dropped my envelope containing my vote for the Party President into a red, cylindrical box. I don't know it this particular icon of British street furniture is the closest to a Labour MPs office from which such a voting slip is being dispatched but it can't have very many competitors.

On this particular Thursday this Earthman got the hang of the voting system, unlike the bottom of Lembit's letter enclosed with the ballot, after all I'm Northern Irish so have to remember when placing a cross is the preferred voting system. A nice clear one went firmly in the centre of the bottom box, next to the name of Ros Scott, and a two into the box of the one above for Lembit Opik.

I must being getting an old hand at these internal elections, including wading through page after page for Federal Elections and interim peer lists, but I did quite like Jennie's excitement when she blogged about her first such vote earlier.

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