Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Brain is Bleathering About By Election

I see the BBC Scotland's political editor Brian Taylor is blethering away on his blog about the Glenrothes By election as nominations close today. He's saying it doesn't look to rosy for the Nats as he points out some crucial differences between Glenrothes and Glasgow East.

He highlights three issues that the SNP have to overcome:

1. The outlying districts which historically are stronger Labour, or even Communist, leaning than the new town itself where Nats report some warming to there message (even if they can't always raise a hello).

2. The Lib Dem vote and presence in Fife which is stronger than Glasgow East.

3. The current upswing in the image of Gordon Brown.

Alex Salmond and his Nats are hoping for Brown's halo to slip just a little before polling day. Indeed Alex is doing all the can to dislodge it after seeing the shine of his own "halo" be somewhat dimmed in recent weeks by additional ambient light.

Well we have 16 days to go in Glenrothes. My feet and fingers can hardly wait.


  1. The outlying districts (Leven, Methil, Wemyss villages, Coaltowns) were red-rosette-dog Labour territory in the past. Not any longer, they are swinging behind the SNP and these areas are viewed very positively. I know, I live there, it's one of the houses with the bright yellow poster!

  2. Jess you have a Harry Wills poster up good dog.

  3. To be fair though some of the only real level of Labour support I have seen is in some of those outlying areas.

    I've seen the odd Labour poster in Glenrothes, but groups of them in places like Buckhaven.