Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Homesick Candidate Yearning for Fife Already

Oh dear, the people of Glenrothes should they elect Peter Grant the SNP candidate may think they are investing in a young man with a long future at Westminster.

Well not according to the man himself:

"I don't want to spend any more time down there than I have to. I would be
homesick after more than that."

Well, he also show reluctance to actually head to Westminster in the first place:

Speaking on a campaign stop in Glenrothes' Kingdom shopping centre, Mr Grant
indicated he was reluctant to leave Fife and go to London, but said he would do
so to serve his constituents.

Well should the people of Glenrothes elect the SNP candidate next Thursday and then Scotland doesn't vote for independence in 2010 (the vote on which Mr Grant in pinning his short term Westminster hopes) judging by what he says the people of Glenrothes will be facing another by election for the Westminster seat during the next Parliament.

If they think "It's Time" well it is likely to be a short time.

hat tip to Andrew Reeves

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