Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Lembit You Have Been Evicted...(Whoops the Sun Did it Again)

...please leave the Presidential Race.


I'm sorry if the Sun report is true that party president candidate Lembit Opik is to enter the Celebrity Big Brother House I would kindly ask him not to stand for the respected position of party President a role he would assume at roughly the same time, if elected.

I want a full time Party President who will get down to that job from the off not spend some of the early weeks of it cooped up away from all externalities.

Sorry Lembit this is a step too far in credibility.

Hat tip to Susan Gaszczk

UPDATE @ 13:21: It appears that I was right to add the proviso 'if true' to the original according to Duncan Barrowman there is information via Peter Black that Lembit has informed the Lib Dem Group office at the Welsh Assembly that the story is not true. This has since been confirmed by a report on the BBC website.

I'm keeping the story up with the prominent update tagline as this is currently top hit on Lib Dem blogs so therefore need to highlight the above to set the record straight.

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