Thursday, 30 October 2008

My Millenium

Before anybody gets smart and makes the obvious jokes. Like is it my 1000th grey hair? Or 1000th pensioned off hair follicle? No this is the 1000th post on my blog. Gulp! Little did I think back in the summer of 2005 just after I’d stood for Parliament for what I hope is only the first time that I would get to this milestone but here we are.

So for readers old and new excuse me while I reflect on some notable milestones that you may or may not have been aware off. Especially if I promise not to do it again at least not for another 1000 posts anyway.

Some notable firsts.

First post: What a day to start blogging when along with 225,000 others including some of the other bloggers around here we encircled Edinburgh in a circle of white calling to make Poverty History.

First By Election Result: Yes the first by election this blog had to cover was in Cheadle where Lib Dem Patsy Calton sadly succumbed to cancer shortly after the 2005 General Election. Result Lib Dem Hold.

First comment left: Also first correction but hey that is what blogging is about.

First National attention drawn to my blog: Yeah my first appearance on the Brit Blogs Round up was this post with my personal reflections of the late Livingston MP Robin Cook.

First Press mention: Ok I got a little excited, as all bloggers do about the MSM picking them up, but I did debut in the Times

First Blog post of a campaigner: Hard to believe we are now in our fourth Westminster By Election, as well as two Holyrood by elections since 2005. But here is my first post about any such campaign, for Livingston I really was on the spot and my traffic went through the roof.

And some other stuff.

Football, Doctor Who, One post: Yes political bloggers have a life outside politics two of my other interests make an early joint appearance.

Charles Kennedy’s Resignation: The rumours, My defence of Charles, my take on events the night before the resignation(missed by the Beeb), the thank you post I really need more creative titles.

Early days in Dunfermline and West Fife, and the final day stuff

My misquoted blog: Yes returning to by election HQ to find someone reading a misrepresentation of your views in the Scotland on Sunday can be fun.

Leadership hustings in glorious detail

The start and end of hiatus.

The one that drew the most comments well so far at least.

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  1. Happy Millennium!

    Looking forward to the next one:-)