Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Who's Been a Naughty Boy Then?

If this account from Julian at Orange by Name is true, and I see no reason why it isn't given that a Lib Dem is telling the press there are being lenient, then what action should be taken against Adrian Sanders MP for Torbay?

The some of the press this morning called it a Prescott-like moment there was one exception there was no unidentified projectile aimed at Mr Sanders before he hit out at another human. The only thing that Mark Littlewood had done was earmark the Torbay seat as being vulnerable to a Conservative bounce under Cameron. As the Tories they were placed 2nd just over 2000 votes behind in 2005 this is a reasonable expectation all things being equal, without a lot of work by and goodwill towards the incumbent, under the circumstances of the Conservatives riding a high wave in the polls.

The party will have to discipline the MP if the eyewitness account posted on Julian's blog is correct. Removing the whip being the least that I would expect to happen under the circumstances. Whatever the party in Torbay, and Mr Sanders himself, decide to do over this is up to them. But I can't believe a local party would look too favourably on their MP taking this approach to resolve an argument, especially as he was supposedly amongst friends in Bournemouth.

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